Tiny Palladian House

Last summer I visited Charleston and saw an interesting house designed by George Holt and Andrew Gould. It’s basically a tiny version of Palladio’s Villas Saraceno, or at least its central portion, with the characteristic triple arch. No room for a loggia here, just a single room, barely 12 feet deep, but with a wonderfully tall ceiling that maintains the original villa’s regal scale. A small house with a big attitude. The ingenious plan has a two bedrooms above (each with a bathroom), with two separate staircases which allows one of the rooms to be rented out. The thick walls look solid because they are solid: load-bearing cement block filled with concrete and reinforced. Nice wood details. The owner, Reid Burgess, who participated in the design, has a website with great photos of the construction in progress.

Andrew Gould, Reid Burgess, and WR.

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